The CarMop

The CarMop is made of pure 100% combed long staple cotton. The way our cotton is processed allows for it to take on enhanced properties like breathability, absorbency, softness, durability and toughness. Combed cotton greatly enhances the durability of our cloth because all of the short fibers and impurities are removed. We utilize a Twill industrial strength weave where the cotton is woven in a diagonal parallel rib pattern, the benefits include wrinkle resistance and durability that prevents the cloth from easily tearing and ripping.

  • Natural Fiber
  • Scratch Resistant and Lint Free
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Strength and Durability
  • Biodegradable
  • Clean and Care

Scratch Free 100% Cotton

Scratch Resistant and Lint Free

The most important criteria for detailing a surface is its scratch resistance and quality. The CarMop will not leave such scratches because the combing process removes all short fibers and the natural nap in the cloth will cushion any dirt particles that are picked up during the polishing process. Also, drying the towels on a high heat will make them hold a static charge.

Scratch Free 100% Cotton

Highly Absorbent

The question that many buyers ask is does the CarMop absorb water like a vacuum or just move around. The cotton we use allows the fabric to breath, which allows the fibers to pick up and attract dirt while also absorbing water. The CarMop can absorb up to 6 to 7 times its natural weight. It is suitable for absorbing a range of fluids like water, oil, sealer, and ink. Since our fabric contains no binders or silicon, therefore, is suitable with all chemicals MEK and alcohol.

Scratch Free 100% Cotton

Strength and Durability

The CarMop has such a high GSM density, which yields a softer, thicker, and more absorbent the towel is and is best suitable for delicate scratch sensitive surfaces and for drying. The CarMop is good for over 500 washes. In addition, when wet it is 20% stronger.